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Just like many women out there, I’ve tried everything that you can imagine in order to finally get a truly curvy, healthy and shapely body (in short, SIZZLING HOT!).

But the sticky extra pounds would never go away…

Until I found a secret that transformed me:

To: To the busy& frustrated woman (aka YOU) who wants to maximize your strength, lose weight and feel sexier without wasting your precious time and money.

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Here’s why: in this short yet informative article, you’ll be able to discover the secret workout that dozens of my clients have used successfully to jump start their metabolism and immensely improve their appearance in a matter of 7 days.

My name is Ashley Drummonds, I’m a certified trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a health and fitness expert in the Tampa Area. I have used my own personal weight loss struggles to test out the best of the best workouts and meal plans so that finally we all can have a weight loss program that actually works without feeling like crap all the time because we are so hungry and exhausted!

For the past 5 years, I’ve been helping dozens of men and women lose weight and feel more confident with their body for the rest of their lives.

Actually, these days are the happiest days of my life. I’m enjoying every moment of my life and am actually able to look in the mirror and feel good about what I see instead of criticizing every piece of fat and cellulite or the way my legs don’t fit in jeans! My confidence is noticeably higher, I have more friends, more dates, more business opportunities than ever all because I simply gained more confidence with how I looked which gave me more confidence in every area of life!

… but it wasn’t always like that.

I had to fight in order to enhance my life, and I had to learn this fitness secret the hard way…

Hey! Don’t worry, you can save yourself from the same frustration that I had if you choose to read until the end of this page because I have figured out and made accessible every piece of information you’ll need to start living your dream…

“How Would You Feel About Yourself If You STOPPED Hating what You Saw In The Mirror, Actually Felt Confident In A Swimsuit And Didn’t Have To Worry About Social Outings Because Of The Way Your Body Looks?”

I’ll never forget those last few phrases my ex-husband yelled to me because it felt like a a knife pushed deep into my heart however it motivated me to change my life and help change the lives of other women:

“Look at yourself in the mirror and consider this: I’m the only guy who will ever want to be with you and no guy wants a girl with a saggy butt or is an emotional basket case! You need to do the right thing and submit to me as your husband… and you know what I mean.””

When someone tells you that, you should know he’s not worth crying for.

I guess he just wanted to hurt me as much as possible, and he was quite successful but I know there are plenty of other women with similar situations who felt worthless, unloved, zero confidence in their appearance, and feels like if the one person who loved them didn’t think they were attractive why would anyone else. (no wonder I live now as a fierce feminist!)

Late in that day, I actually listened to him and looked at myself in the mirror feeling a silent sadness and self-despise within. I stared at my body analyzing every flaw since he had made it a point to take note of every single one of them…From that moment on I decided something needed to be done and I was no longer going to play the weak, lazy, controlled female and I was going to find the strong, confident, person I knew I was somewhere deep inside!

Something had to be done for sure. And needless to say, my self-esteem was at an all-time low. Even during the “happy days” of my marriage, my untoned body made me feel self-conscious.

Maybe you too have felt the same way before: when you finally accept to be vulnerable and throw yourself in the warm and comfortable arms of the person you feel in love with…

It’s sincerely hard not to be self-conscious about your body and whether or not your partner enjoys being with you. Let’s be honest though, do you ever notice the more confident you are about your body, the better sex tends to be!

“How To Unleash The Fitness Motivation Within You…”

Days would pass but I still could not get over that disastrous marriage and stop crying (that was 5 years ago). I couldn’t leave my house, go out and enjoy life again.

Instead, I isolated myself in front of my TV, eating junk food and watching stupid sitcoms and other people living life. It’s actually in those situations that you get to know who your TRUE FRIENDS are, isn’t it? A friend tried to help me get out of my gloomy and depressive state of mind with a beach weekend in the wonderful city of Compton in California.

When I arrived there, I first stood at the middle of the beach, observing: as usual, I saw the girls in bikini with the fittest bodies get the most attention from the hottest guys… You know… THOSE GIRLS.

Just like you, I too desired a fit and curvy bikini body to feel admired and desired all year long!

I too could have that dream body! That way, I thought I’d prove my ex wrong and that I’d also make him want me again.

Of course, I’d never get back to that jerk (I just wanted my revenge)…

But a hot body would definitely boost my confidence which would improve my chances of finding that kind of man I really deserve with a life vision that was inspiring and worth being a part of in many ways possible. I just wanted someone who deserved living with me and would treat me right!

So I went back home thoughtful, not chatting with any of my friends: my mind was filled with an ever-growing determination to make it happen.

The only question was: “How to achieve this fitness success and improve my life by ten folds?”

“The Time Saving Yet Elusive Secret
YOU Must Take Out NOW
From My Own Fitness Struggles…”

During one of my (typical) late night ice cream binging times sitting in front of TV, I accidentally stumbled upon a bogus muscle toning gadget.I guess they caught me right on time because I bought it after a few minutes, impulsively, after listening to the shady comments of the infomercial’s so called “fitness expert”.

Was it money well spent? No… After 2 weeks of religious use and seeing absolutely ZERO results from it, I just threw it away.

Now, I’m not saying ALL fitness gadgets are created by scam artists but brilliantly sold by savvy marketers who know how to manipulate your emotions.

My point here is: “There is NO magical shortcut to achieve a truly HOT and desirable body. No Pill, Powder, Special Equipment, or Juice Will Get You Real Results. Just do yourself a favor and accept that truth about fitness.”

Now, here’s the single unbreakable FITNESS RULE to apply in your life and obtain that to-die-for body that was only available to top bikini models until now…

“The Simple & Single Rule To Follow
For Lifetime Fitness And Health”

Here it is: if you want a hot body, you can “easily” get it through consistent and satisfying workout sessions that make you a fat burning machine.

The problem is, I see a lot of women falling into HUGE energy wasting traps when it comes to toning up their weak body parts.

You see, most women working out don’t really have a clear clue about where their fitness routine is going to bring them. However you NEED to be clear.

Most women either randomly find exercises to tone their abs or thighs on the Internet and start doing that, or hit the gym feeling completely lost. You can call that “fitness wandering”.

But I’m sure you’re currently sensing that there IS a better way.

In fact, even if you followed a very basic workout organization, working out a specific set of muscles each day, and then let them rest and recuperate for a few days…

… you’d make so much more progress than most fitness enthusiasts.

By creating this website, I’ve decided to do you a big favor:

I’m going to take out ALL of the guess work and confusion for you right now. I’m going to bring you the only workout solution that will provide you with the proven roadmap to your dream body on a silver platter…

The Ultimate Bikini Body Workout
Your 7 Day Journey To Your Best Bikini Body!”

I can guarantee you 2 important things personally : One, you and your relatives will witness a HUGE increase in your confidence in a very short amount of time;

Two, your workout flow will also stop the pain of going through the same monotonous exercises (running on treadmill for hours, anyone?).

Now, here’s your chance to discover a UNIQUE combination of original, challenging and super effective exercises.

So, here’s exactly what you’re going to get your hands on today :

  • 10 pages long handy e-book with the perfect format to avoid hurting your eyes while reading or wasting your printer’s ink if you decide to print your precious manual.
    (You won’t find any unrelated info, colorful fluff or annoying intermittent advertisements here!)
  • Contains a detailed and SUPER easy-to-follow plan of your exercises for the day.
    (It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the instructions of peppy fitness instructors on a DVD, that’s why you’re gonna love the written plan I’ve prepared for you!)
  • Your workout plan is flexible according to your fitness level.
    (I give you handy recommendations to make your workout even more challenging if you feel the desire to push yourself forward.)
  • This is the most time saving workout plan you’ll ever find online… GUARANTEED.
    I know most of you desire a challenging and effective workout that you can fit into your already busy schedule.

ULTRA valuable bonus: A complete BIKINI BODY MEAL PLAN with CRUCIAL nutritional guidelines for each of your daily workouts so your weight loss is error proof!

(It can be quite challenging to figure out which food to eat to reach your fitness goals even faster if you’re not a certified fitness instructor. Once again, I’ve taken all the guesswork out for you).

Only $7.00!

“And All This Won’t Even Cost You More Than Your Favorite Protein Shake At Smoothie King Which Isn’t Working For You Anyways”

Before I tell you the low price you’re gonna pay today, I’d like for you to consider this: the workout you’re going to discover today was designed professionally, by me.

This means you will get a personal trainer that typically costs $80 per session (without counting the hassle of heading to the gym!).

At 7 sessions, this means you can kiss $560 goodbye! . Scary calculation, isn’t it? (With your savings, you could do a mini vacay with your new body!)

Don’t forget about the extra cost of getting proper nutrition advice to support you during your 7 sessions…

By-the-way, your meal plans included with your eBook have been carefully designed to make you avoid paying for supplements.

(That’s a bunch of your hard earned cash kept in YOUR pocket.)

So your total cost would be something closer to $600 !

Look, I really want to differentiate myself from the fitness gurus who promote their latest “revolutionary magic pills” that they sell for an undeserved amounts of money.

Besides, I have just launched this new product and would like to collect some testimonials before putting the real price tag that this super powerful workout deserves…

In short, you now have the chance to grab your copy of the “7-Days Bikini Body Workout” at a true bargain price!

So listen up: I’m only going to charge you $7 for your copy of the “7-Days Bikini Body Workout”! That’s probably less than what you typically spend at your favorite café and I am willing to give you a 7 Day Jump Start program that will do more for you than any protein smoothie!

You can’t even get a protein shake from Smoothie King at that price and I am willing to give you a 7 Day Jump Start program that will do more for you than any protein smoothie!

Only $7.00!

“Grab Your Copy With Complete Peace Of Mind Because Your Order İs Totally Safe… ”

Hey, I really want to make this a no-brainer offer for you.

Not only am I offering you the best solution for finally living in the curvy bikini body you’ve been dreaming about, but I am also going to protect your order with my…

That’s right, you can now purchase your personal copy of your precious eBook through our secure servers, download it instantly to your computer and put it to action IMMEDIATELY.

Apply everything I am sharing with you inside your 10-pages fluff free manual. If you follow my instructions, then you’re going to see some MASSIVE benefits to your body.

In the unlikely event that you don’t see a satisfying difference after going through your new workout method, you can shoot me an e-mail at the private address I shared exclusively with my customers.

If you describe your problem, I’ll come up with a customized solution for you.

On the other hand, if you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase, then just e-mail me and I’ll promptly refund every cent of your 7 dollars invested.

“Why This 7-Days Fitness Journey
Is The Positive Life Shift
You’ve Been Waiting For… ”

Trust me: when you try the workout plan for yourself, you’re going to enjoy it sooo much. Firstly, you’ll be able to feel the joy of living with an ever increasing sense of achievement.

Because when you’re done with your workout, all sweating and feeling your entire body getting toned and fitter than ever, the only thought that will come to your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror is how a GREAT and powerful woman you are.

This self-esteem boost can be PRICELESS.

But undoubtedly, the one thing that is going to give you a maximum of pleasure is the moment when you’re going to see and feel measurable RESULTS.

Your entire life will shift when you finally live in your transformed bikini body. Everybody will see you incredibly embellished with your body’s new feminine muscle definition.

You’ll be surprised by your new appearance, seeing and feeling for the first time muscles that you probably didn’t even know that they existed.

Of course, you should not take my word for it…

“Here’s How My Past Trainees Witnessed
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“Ashley is an amazing trainer! Her program, Bikini Body works in a way that will work with your lifestyle. I received a daily meal plan to my tastes as well as fitness plan to accomplish my personal goals.

During my time with Ashley and Bikini Body I got in great shape, became more healthy and self-confident! I would recommend her to anyone!!”

I now am able to maintain my perfect weight for my body and can confidently wear my bikini without being self-conscious! Ashley’s training also helped me improve my posture and walk in a more feminine manner.”

-Jessie Price


“I was determined to lose weight and had investigated different gyms and trainers, most of which were out of my price range.

I had tried other online programs, but NOTHING had really worked for me. Then I found Ashley!

I have lost 35lbs and went from a size 12 to a size 6. Ashley has not only helped me get started working out, but she has helped me to stick to it.

It is so freeing to not have to look at a scale every single day!

Additionally, I feel like I’m commanding more respect in my work environment, after having dealt with my weight problems.”

–Erin Shaw


Amy Lexon, as a professional trainer herself, can definitely be called a fitness addict.

Yet she can still testify that the Bikini Body Workout proved to be different and challenging enough to enhance her shape!

“How To Permanently Stop Feeling
Self Conscious About Your Body
In 3 Easy Steps”

If you are really serious about toning your body thus dramatically increasing your attractiveness and value, then all you need to do now is:

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(It’s better if you take advantage of the printer friendly format of your eBook and print the 10 pages… for your convenience !)

Seriously, girl. You have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN. The only thing that separates the few healthy and highly successful women from the average gal is being PROACTIVE.

Your action will all make it happen today, so don’t delay it if you want to open your eyes to a better world next morning.

To your success!

Ashley Drummonds

PS: So CLICK HERE NOW to get instant access to everything you’ll need including your super effective 7 days workout plan + 7 delicious and easy to prepare meal plans to get you in shape as quickly as possible… and as naturally as it can ever be possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a superset?
A. A superset is when you perform two exercises back to back with no rest in between. For example if the workout calls for a superset of shoulder press and upright row you would perform a full set of the shoulder press then immediately perform a full set of upright rows and then rest before repeating the superset.

Q. What is active rest?
A. Active rest simply means that while you are resting from the muscle group you are lifting you are still keeping your heart rate up and staying active with another exercise. For example, a leg press with active rest of jump rope would mean that you perform a set of leg presses then grab the jump rope and perform the jumping rope for the suggested time so you are “resting” from the lifting, but you are not actually resting from the workout.

Q. Can I substitute fish with anything?
A. Yes, you may substitute fish with any of the other learn protein sources you see in your other meals such as chicken breast, extra lean ground turkey, egg whites, etc.

Q. What else can I do if I don’t have a jump rope for active rests?
A. If you do not have access to a jump rope or do not have room for a jump rope you may do any other plyometric movement that gets your heart rate up without using weights such as, squat jumps, burpees, mountain climbers, step ups, speed skaters, jumping jacks, etc.

Q. Can I do my fasted cardio in the evening instead of mornings?
A. I recommend finding a way to do your fasted cardio in the morning since your body is coming off a full fast from sleeping and not consuming food, but if you absolutely have zero time to squeeze it in then wait 2 hours after your last meal in the evening and perform your fasted cardio.

Q. How much water should I drink?
A. On a daily basis you need to get AT LEAST 1 gallon of water a day. The more water you consume the more fat your body flushes and the more hydrated you stay. Aim to get 1.5 gallons if you can, but at least 1 gallon.

Q. Can I switch out the veggies?
A. Yes, you may switch out the veggies with any of the veggies from the approved foods list.

Q. Can I use artificial sweeteners?
A. You may use sweeteners such as stevia and sugar free syrups, but I recommend keeping things as natural as possible.

Q. Is it normal for my weight to fluctuate or to gain weight during the program even when I have been working hard and eating cleaner?
A. Yes, your body fluctuates on a daily basis and while you are eating clean keep in mind you are building lean muscle mass which weighs more than fat so you may not drop a ton of weight after a certain point, but you will notice that your clothes fit better and you feel/look tighter so don’t pay too much attention to the scale. Focus on how you look and feel!

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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